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Nationwide providers of First Aid and Health & Safety training in the workplace and the community

First Aid at Work

An estimated 174,000 people in the UK die each year in situations where first aid could have made a difference.

Family First Aid

Eight out of ten parents don’t know basic first aid procedures that might save their child’s life. Every parent should know what to do in an emergency.

Fire Safety

There are 22,000 workplace fire incidents a year of which 10% have gone unnoticed in the critical early stages.  This contributed to 17 deaths in 2013/14

Health & Safety

Last year 200,000 work based or related injuries led to at least 3 working days lost per person


30,000 people in the UK have a cardiac arrest outside of hospital each year and NHS data shows that just 18.5% of those people
survive. The chances of of surviving a cardiac arrest are increased if emergency treatment is given as soon as possible.

A Training Provider for your First Aid, Health & Safety Needs

Established in 2017 Barclay Penny Training have been offering training courses throughout the UK as well as on site training for groups and businesses. Offering a set of flexible training options we can develop the perfect programme for your workforce and your budget.   We update our techniques and equipment regularly and are committed to our own Continuing Professional Development (CPD).  All of our courses are offered nationwide.

First Aid Training

Need to train a new group of first aiders for your workplace? We provide robust and thorough first aid training courses covering the basics such as correct use of the recovery position through to more advanced life-saving techniques including CPR and defibrillation. We also provide sports, family, community and paediatric first aid courses.

Health and Safety Training

It is an employer’s duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of their employees and all those who may be affected by their business.   Whether it is Fire Safety, Risk Assessment or Manual Handling. Consider enrolling onto one of our health and safety courses to ensure your business is HSE compliant. 

Work Related Training

We aim to give our clients as much range of course as possible, so whether you need courses for care homes or food hygiene for the kitchen we can help accommodate this. They can be taken by as an online, blended or classroom course by one of our approved instructors. check out all the courses we have available.

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We have a wide range of courses to fit your First Aid and Health & Safety needs. Through an extensive network of trainers we are able to offer our services nationwide. Call Barclay Penny Training today for further assistance, we’d be happy to help!


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